Flash & Foil Hybrid System


The Flash and Foil hybrid system is similar to the other two hybrid systems in that it uses two different products in the wall cavity. It differs in the amount of foam applied and total R value achieved. The flash and foil hybrid system starts with 2" of closed cell foam sprayed to all exterior sheathed walls, then the wall cavity is covered with Hy-Fi high reflective, low emittance foil insulation. The result is an extremely high R-value in a small amount of space, and at a lower cost than using all foam. The flash and foil hybrid system can achieve R-21 in a standard 2x4 wall cavity and R-22 in 2x6 while only requiring 2" of closed cell foam. Give us a call or request a proposal to discuss all the insulation options available to you or to request a free evaluation of your current insulation levels.