Flash & bibs Hybrid System

The Flash & BIBS hybrid system is very similar to the Flash & Batt system and shares all the same benefits. It starts with a 1/2″ closed cell foam sprayed to all the exterior sheathed wall cavities, then is covered with the BIBS (blown in blanket) fiberglass system. The result is a higher additional R-value installed over the foam than with a standard Flash & Batt. The fiberglass BIBS system yields 4.2 R’s per inch additional R-value. Much like the Flash & Batt system the result is a high performance insulation system with a much lower construction cost than using all spray foam. While using all spray foam is the best option available, it comes with a much higher cost. The testing Home Pro Energy has preformed backs up the performance and cost effectiveness of the Flash & Batt system. See the previous page for other Hybrid options available from Toler Insulating.

20140820_094000_2-200x200.jpg bibs-200x200.jpg bibs2-200x200.jpg