Flash & Batt Hybrid System

The Flash & Batt Hybrid system consists of a hybrid between closed cell spray foam (the flash) and fiberglass batt insulation (the batt). 1/2 inch of closed cell spray foam is applied to all the exterior sheathed wall cavities, then the rest of the cavity is filled with the appropriate thickness fiberglass batt. This method gives the best of both worlds, the air sealing and moisture management of closed cell foam, with the lower cost fiberglass batt for the additional R-value. The result is a high performance insulation system with a much lower construction cost than using all spray foam. While using all spray foam is the best option available, it comes with a much higher cost. The testing Home Pro Energy has preformed backs up the performance and cost effectiveness of the Flash & Batt system. See the previous page for other Hybrid options available from Toler Insulating.

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