non-vented / conditioned crawl space

A conditioned or unvented crawl space is one that does not have any venting to the outside, and typically has a supply vent from the heating and cooling system in place. Conditioned crawl spaces do not have vents, or have the vents removed and blocked. They contain a vapor barrier on the ground sealed to the crawl exterior walls, and sealed at all seams, as well as insulation on the exterior walls and band, usually in the form of spray foam, vinyl backed fiberglass, or foam board insulation. Conditioned crawl spaces have many advantages over traditional vented crawl spaces such as an average 15% savings on heating and cooling cost, humidity control hindering the ability for mold and mildew growth, warmer floors in the winter, and better indoor air quality to name a few. Conditioned crawl spaces can be designed and implemented at the time of construction, or retrofitted into most existing homes that have a vented crawl space. Give us a call or request a proposal today for a free evaluation of your current insulation levels, and let Toler help you start saving today!


Traditional uninsulated crawl space

Conditioned crawl space with spray foam insulation on exterior walls and sealed vapor barrier on the ground.

Conditioned crawl space with vinyl backed fiberglass insulation on exterior walls and sealed vapor barrier on the ground.