for an energy efficient
building envelope

Controlling the leakage of air and water is fundamental to designing an energy efficient
building. Performance tested and proven to withstand extreme weather conditions,
R-Guard protected buildings are more durable, resilient and sustainable.


R-Guard air barrier systems stop air leakage through wall structures, rough openings, sheathing seams, and material transitions making your building air tight. And an air tight building is an energy efficient building. That's why buildings that meet the world's toughest energy efficiency requirements use R-Guard. The Bullitt Center, considered the world's greenest commercial building, selected R-Guard for it's air and water barrier system.


r-gUARD water barrier vIDEOS

Building Science Corp talks about choosing R-Guard for 22 story 100 Pier 4 apartments

When Building Science Corporation was designing the building envelope for Pier 4 in Boston, they turned to PROSOCO to get the job done.

Emergency Water Stop seals leaks-- even underwater

We have this really cool product, R-GUARD Emergency Water Stop. It fixes anything that’s leaking water — even if the water is pouring through the leak at the time!

Air Barrier Basics FastFlash vs. Peel and Stick

This video showcases the importance of proper air barriers in wall assemblies, and why PROSOCO's R-Guard can improve your building's performance.

The Contractor's Wish List for waterproofing through-wall penetrations

When Tatley Grund began investigating and repairing water leaks in buildings, they did not set out to make industry leading waterproofing products. But they just couldn't find products that could do everything they needed them to do. So, they made a wish list of properties the products had to have, and set out to make products that could do everything on their list. Working in collaboration with PROSOCO, the result is the Fast Flash family of products.

R-GUARD Project Profile - Trailridge Middle School A contractor tells it like it is

Restoration & Waterproofing Contractors, Kansas City, recently applied one of our air & water barrier systems on the under-construction Trail Ridge Middle School, not too far away. That was great news for us in Marketing, because it meant we could grab some photos and video of our products being installed. We don’t get that chance too often. When we do learn about projects, they’re often in other states.

BuildingGreen's Top Ten Green Products of 2015 presented at GreenBuild 2014

BuildingGreen has awarded PROSOCO's silyl-terminated poly-ether (STPE) R-Guard products with a coveted spot on its highly regarded 10 Green Products list for 2015. BuildingGreen, publisher of Environmental Building News, announced its Top 10 products at the GreenBuild 2014 conference in New Orleans. (see video below) PROSOCO R-Guard fluid-applied Cat 5 air barrier system was praised by BuildingGreen as "representing one of the best in the class."



Liquid flashing membrane

Joint & Seam Filler

Fiber reinforced fill coat and seam treatment

Spray Wrap MVP

fluid-applied air and water-resistive barrier

VB (Vapor Barrier)

Fluid-applied air & water-resistive barrier and water vapor barrier

FastFlash 2

Liquid flashing membrane